Warehouse heating in St Albans, Herfordshire and LondonIn today’s world of increasing energy costs and concerns about energy efficiency, it is quite a challenge to work out the best way to provide effective and efficient heating in large premises, such as a warehouse.

It is important to provide staff with a comfortable working environment – it can make a huge difference to how safe they are and how much work they get done.  It can actually make a difference to bottom line profit too.

So how do you do this whilst still keeping costs down and reducing carbon footprint?

There are a few different options to choose from, which should really be determined by the size and shape of your unit.

Warm air heating systems are one of the most popular ways to heat a warehouse.  A warm air heater heats the air which creates a comfortable working environment.  Air is passed through a heat exchanger that increases its temperature.  The warmed air is then distributed through the space by a fan.  The air is distributed around the space evenly, so that there aren’t any cold spots and the temperature is consistent.

Radiant heating is another option.  It works by emitting infrared radiation from the hot surface of the heater.  Unlike warm air heaters, radiant heaters do not heat the air, but rather objects and people.  Any heated object then in itself becomes a secondary heater, providing another source of heat. Radiant heating is very energy efficient as it only delivers heat where needed. This type of heating is usually placed in warehouse areas that lead to the outside, such as loading bays.

Destratification fans can also help reduce energy consumption with a warm air system by returning the warm air from the roof space back to the floor where it will be felt.  This keeps heating costs down and increases the efficiency of the main heating systems.

The Carbon Trust estimates that the use of Destratification fans in industrial buildings with high ceilings, operating a warm air heating system, can reduce energy consumption by 20%.

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