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Argentina Xanax Online, Buying Alprazolam Uk

Whether you need an electrician to install a new fuse board in your home, carry out a Pre-purchase electrical survey (EIC Report) or advice on a new lighting installation, then Fulcher Edwards can help you.

We have a vast experience in all types of domestic properties in London, St. Albans and surrounding areas. We can liaise with Estate Agents on your behalf for key collection if you are buying a new home, and can arrange access with tenants and housekeepers. We can work with your chosen building companies and architects if you are improving your home.

All our electricians are friendly and polite, and will treat your property with the upmost respect.  You will be informed the name of the electrician attending so you know who to expect, and in most cases a time window will be given so you don’t have to wait in all day. All our electricians are City & Guilds qualified, wear company uniform, and carry company ID on them.

All are quotes are free and all works carried out by us will comply to current British Standards. Relevant Certification will be issued if required and Building Control notified for Part P works.

Services include:

  • Electrical Testing (Electrical Installation Condition Report)
  • Lighting & Electrical Installations
  • Outside & Security Lighting
  • Rewires & Fault Finding
  • Fuseboards upgrades & installation
  • Fire & Smoke Alarms
  • Door Entry System Installation
  • Audio Visual Installations
  • Landlords Testing
Residential Electrician