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“I used Fulcher Edwards for Electrical Installation Condition inspection in early Nov. I would highly recommend them based on the following reasons, 1) Good communication: there was always someone patiently, friendly answering your phone calls & emails quickly. They know your concerns and know what they are doing. 2) High efficiency: they found a time slot for me for the inspection by giving only 3 days’ notice. They took care to contact the property owner to arrange a suitable time, provided a good service (I did not get any complaint from the property owner). And the turnaround time for the report was less than 2 days. 3) Good organisation: the administration, e.g. price, job arrangement, invoice, payment, is very well organised based on the internet. 4) They also provided feedback regarding the report and answered my questions. 5) I could find their information on NIC website, they are a NIC approved contractor, plus they also hold the Trust Mark”

Homeowner in St Albans

“Great customer service- they’re very attentive and keep it simple. The actual EICR check was very efficient. Would absolutely use them again.”

Theatre Company in Holborn

“They are professional and good to deal with, and I have been happy with the electrical work they have done in my home.”

Homeowner in London

“We use Fulcher Edwards’ PAT testing service and they always go above and beyond to book us in on our required dates/times, they always respond to us as quickly as possible and keep us updated throughout the whole process. It’s great to have such a trustworthy electrical services supplier on hand.”

Event Planning Company in London

“Hi Claire, very kind of you to email, always happy to recommend a brilliant service. I was always very impressed with how early you could come in and how little disruption was made to our working day. The gentleman that attended site were also extremely pleasant to work with and both friendly”

A client in SE1 who recommended us to another

“Hi Claire, your guys were fantastic, thanks”

A Gallery Manager in Mayfair

“Hi Michael, firstly thank you, I’m really pleased with the work Barry carried out, the job looks fantastic (I’ll send you an ‘after’ shot) and he was great at explaining the tests/work and left everything spotless. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone.”

Homeowner in SE17 

“Hi Claire, everything went really well, the chaps were lovely and very professional and got finished quick which suited me perfectly!”

Art Advisors in Pall Mall

“Very satisfied, thanks for setting it all up, came as great convenience to us. The engineer was very friendly as well as worked around us which meant we could carry on as usual”.

Charity in St. Albans 

“I have spoken with our client who was very pleased with your work today. She spoke very highly of Michael.”

Renovation Company, subcontracting works

“We were very satisfied, many thanks for sending over the Certificate and report. We’ll be in touch next year for our testing if not before.”

School in Abbots Langley 

“Michael done a great job with the outside lights last week, a lot of good reports! People are happy to be able to see at night.”

Student Accommodation in Kensington

“These guys know what they are talking about. Did a great install for me in my home. Thanks to Michael, Claire and Tony!”

Homeowner in Chelsea

“We contacted Fulcher Edwards regarding our Electricity supply upgrade. The team at Fulcher Edwards has been outstanding in all stages of this project. Right from the off with 100% knowledge and experience that helped us realise the simplicity of the project was very good. Fulcher Edwards gave us confidence. The fitting on the project looks amazing and has sure received feedback from UKPN, Siemens and EDF.
Barry at Fulcher Edwards was excellent in terms of organisation and efficiency to keep our down time minimal- actually better than we anticipated. He worked very well with EDF to complete the last and final stage- amazing!! Quality of work-Outstanding, Level of service outstanding, Time to complete-Seamless. Would happily recommend!”

Commercial Client in London

“Twice used for various works including replacing a fuse box and installing some new down lights in living room and kitchen. The whole process was great. Very tidy, professional and came with all the certificates etc. Highly recommended.”

Homeowner in London

“Very professional approach to every project or job, regardless of size. Do not compromise on their standards. They have carried out works for our business for 15 + years. The works range from maintenance and inspection to project works. They are at ease whether carrying out works as a sole contractor or in working on projects with other trades.”

Nationwide Railway Infrastructure Company

“Just wanted to drop a note to say how happy I was with Tony’s professionalism this morning. He was on time, courteous and efficient and managed to get all agreed work done as outlined without any issues.”

Design Consultants in EC2A

“Again I would like to thank you and your team for the timely and efficient manner in which Fulcher Edwards carried out the works. I will certainly recommend you in future”.

Homeowner in Fulham 

“Our company have used the electrical services of Fulcher Edwards Ltd for the last 20 years. They carried out new electrical work and maintained our air conditioning system on a regular basis. They have always been most helpful and deal with our needs quickly and efficiently. We highly recommend Fulcher Edwards.”

Art Gallery in London

“Hello Claire, many thanks for that, you’ve been a star. Thank you again for you persistence with this. Look forward to working together in the future!”

Electrical Contractor, subcontracting works 

“I wouldn’t consider using anyone else, we’ve always been very happy with the service you provide.”

Beauty Salon in SE22 

“Just to say that thank you very much for your usual excellent service. Barry has sorted the problem – I can see now whats in the freezer!.”

Homeowner in SE23 

“Excellent many thanks. The duty officer most impressed and I had a good chat with fellow scot Rob.”

Property Management Company, NW1

I would like to say a massive thank you to you and all the team at Fulcher Edwards. You have provided Eurostar with excellent service. And the work you have carried out for us over the time I have been here was first rate. I really appreciate everything you have done. I hope we can do more in the future.

Facilities Manager, N1 

“As ever I was very pleased with the service. Tony is always very friendly and efficient!”

Media Company, SE1