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We recently installed some LED lighting at an office in Westminster, London. The client contacted us following a Buy Liquid Xanax Online from another client of ours. They had very few lights that were working and was considering getting them relamped by us, but following a conversation with our Managing Director Michael and various options discussed the client decided on replacing all 16 of their 600 x 600 panel lighting with replacement LED panels.

Once the details and the quotation was agreed with the client we arranged for two of our Buying Xanax Online 2015 to attend early one morning to get to work and the client was very happy with the results which kind of speaks for itself in the photo as the difference is quite a big one. We were even able to adjust the lighting colour which was helpful as the LED lighting panels seemed so much brighter due to the lack of lights working previously.

LED lighting has its benefits as not only is it maintenance free unlike the requirements of most lights in offices which can save you money on relamping visits/stock but also your energy bills. Plus LED lighting can help the environment and studies in the US and Europe show that LED lighting can influence human energy, mood, vitality and work performance. Find out more about the benefits of LED lighting in offices courtesy of Xanax Meds Online

If you would like to discuss lighting options in your office then why not get in touch with the team at Buying Xanax Online Australia we can discuss your requirements, come to site and provide you with a Gador Xanax Online, all free of charge and with no obligation. Whether you want better lighting in your office, save money, moving into new premises or refurbishing your current space, Buying Alprazolam In Mexico and we can help.


Before and after shot of office before and after we replaced their lights with LED panels.

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Sometimes carrying out Alprazolam India Online works during normal working hours can cause disruption when you are trying to run a business, however the team at Xanax Where To Buy are not shy of nightshifts or very early starts to help our clients. We recently helped one of our Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In Bali Colas Rail Ltd at their head office in London, with an internal office move which required the whole team involved over a 24 hour window, including our MD!

We were asked to install various sockets and relocate floor boxes to suit a new desk layout in three offices at this office in Xanax Illegal Buy Online. This type of electrical installation meant desks and floors had to be lifted so we had a team of electricians attend once everyone in the office had left for the day. Desks were then moved, floor tiles were lifted and new electrak leads with modular sockets were relocated to new outlets in order for the new desk set ups.

Once the electrical installation side of things was complete, our team 2 of electricians took over and took care of the cable management side of things as well as assisting with getting the office in order. Even Michael our Xanax To Buy wasn’t afraid to getting his hands dirty and was under desks tidying cables! It was a successful 24 hours and our client was very happy with the team and the installation, so all in all a successful team effort.

Fulcher Edwards carries out all types of electrical installations, big or small, for commercial and residential customers in London and St. Albans, Herts. We can work round your business by offering early morning, night or weekend visits if preferred. If you would like a free quotation and to discuss your requirements with us we offer a a free site visit by one of our electricians, a contact us form via our website, or you can call us to discuss over the phone with our office team. Please find our contact details Buy Real Xanax.


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Our electricians spent 2 days testing the emergency lighting in each building at a school in NW2 before the students returned after the Christmas break. Our electricians worked with the onsite maintenance team gaining access quickly and smoothly in each area that was tested.

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement for all businesses and organisations as defined by the Fire Regulatory Reform Order 2005 and British Standards BS 5266 Part 1: 2011 (Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises) and BS EN 1838:2013.

Emergency lighting is a back–up for when the main power supply cuts out, resulting in darkness, which could present a danger to the occupants of a building. Therefore emergency lights must operate automatically in all circulation areas and escape routes, and must be adequate for people to see clearly enough to navigate obstacles and find a way out of the building safely.

Monthly Test: A function test is required once a month. This can be done in-house or by a professional.
Yearly Test: A full 3-hour discharge test is required once a year carried out by a professional.  A Certificate will be issued for your records.

All of the above testing needs to be documented into a logbook for your records which is usually supplied by the maintenance company like Buying Xanax Online Australia, who is carrying out the yearly emergency lighting testing.

If you require Xanax Online Pakistanat one of your properties then why not Shop Xanax Online for a free quote? Should you instruct us then we can provide you with a logbook, Certificate for your records and training if required and assist with any remedial works that may be necessary to keep you compliant with British Standards.

We maintain many schools in London and Hertfordshire and can attend during the school holidays if thats the preferred time for maintenance works though our electricians are DBS checked.

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A BAFE accreditation has been one we have wanted for a while and we finally took the plunge this summer. BAFE promotes quality in fire safety and a big part of our works in fire alarm maintenance so we felt it was important to add this to our list.

BAFE is an organisation that ensures quality for the fire protection industry and provides the vital reassurance that the services being bought or specified are effective, reliable and competently maintained.

As of July we complied with the requirements of the BAFE adopted scheme SP203-1 for the maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems. We have now been added to list of BAFE registered companies and are authorised to use the BAFE mark.

To find out more about BAFE take a look at their website BAFE Cert - IMG_8524www.bafe.org.uk





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