With a heatwave well under way many home owners are going to be out and about in their garden. Whether you have a balcony, a roof terrace or a fully fledged garden, there is always some element of electrical risk when enjoying the summer sun.

Summer sports

With the World Cup well under way and the Wimbledon season quickly approaching, lots of us are celebrating in our own ways – whether that is being glued to the television or having the obligatory strawberries and cream. Yesterday we carried out an Electrical Installation Condition Report for a property in London, and the owner was happily outside in their garden watching the World Cup on TV.

Never be tempted to take your TV or radio outside into the garden, it would only take a few drops of rain…or next doors sprinkler system to make sparks fly quite literally! Not only would this cause permanent damage to your equipment, but you could also receive an electric shock or injury.

Water parties

In temperatures like these it is nice to drench yourself in water whether that be from water pistols or paddling pools. Many people will go indoors dripping wet and use switches and sockets whilst still wet. Remember to dry yourself thoroughly before operating anything electrical. Water and electricity do not mix and you could receive an electric shock by accidentally using a switch with wet hands.

Making the Garden look presentable

Getting the lawnmower or hedge trimmers out might seem like a simple enough job, however how many of you actually check for damage before plugging in and using them? Checking for water damage on the cable is essential especially for items kept in sheds that might be prone to leaking or pests. Water that has leaked onto electrical items kept in sheds or mice that have chewed through cable are a particular risk so always check before plugging in.

Investing in an RCD plug is also a good idea as this protects against equipment fault or even accidentally chopping through the cable. An RCD cuts the power in a fraction of a second and in gardens where an accident is more likely to occur, this makes sense. RCD protection has saved many lives in recent years.

As Electricians in St Albans we always recommend RCD protection in the home for ultimate electrical safety, however an RCD socket should be the minimum consideration when working outside as accidents so easily happen.

Make sure all connectors are designed for your equipment

When using connectors, always make sure they are compatible to the actual equipment you are using and that they are designed for use outdoors. Take extra care with extension leads and sockets. Extension leads should not be used at all outside and outdoor sockets should be in use. As a leading Electrical Contractor in St Albans we have seen many examples of dangerous electrical practices in gardens. Always follow the manufacturers instructions and never take risks.

Light up your Garden

The fun doesn’t have to stop once the Sun has set! By placing adequate outside lighting in your garden you can enjoy the long summer evenings all the way into the night. A well lit garden will keep you and your family safe by helping to prevent any slips, trips, and falls. At Fulcher Edwards we carry out electrical installations both inside and outside the home. The below photo shows a lighting installation we carried out in a garden in Fulham and has been provided by Lambert & Sons who we worked alongside on this project.

If you would be interested in carrying out electrical installations in your garden this summer, please do not hesitate to contact us for your free quotation.